The SOFE 2019 conference will include an exciting social program, where all conference attendees will be invited to participate. In addition to the opening reception (Sunday evening) and the conference banquet (Wednesday evening), SOFE 2019 attendees are encouraged to join the Women in Engineering luncheon on Monday, and the Young Professionals reception on Tuesday.

For the Women in Engineering luncheon, we have invited Dr. Valeria Riccardo (Head of Engineering, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) as the speaker. She is the first female Head of Engineering at PPPL and is in fusion field for more than 20 yrs. Question and Answer event with Dr. Riccardo is planned. We will also have a panel discussion to exchange ideas and provoke discussion within the community.

For the Young Professionals reception experienced staff will share their instrumental experiences to inspire and encourage young professionals to continue in fusion engineering and research. Dr. Richard Nygren of Sandia National Labs will present his findings on the changing demographics of personnel in the US fusion program, discuss new opportunities for young people and the importance of mentoring young staff.

A Town Hall meeting on the topic of “Accelerating the Development of Fusion Power” will follow immediately after the Young Professionals reception on Tuesday evening. We are pleased to have Dr. Dale Meade, retired from PPPL, lead the discussion on pathways to a pilot fusion power plant. We hope to foster input from the engineering community to a strategic planning exercise currently underway by APS for the Fusion Energy Science Advisory Committee. Input from and comparison to current plans in Europe, Japan and China are welcome.

The SOFE awards banquet will occur on Wednesday evening. Participants can enjoy dinner with colleagues involved in fusion from around the world. At this event we will thank four retiring Fusion Technology Standing Committee (FTC) members for their years of service, and the FTC chair will welcome four newly elected committee members. Two Fusion Technology awards, those for 2018 and 2019, will be presented to recognize outstanding individual contributions to research and development in the field of Fusion Technology. Finalists in the SOFE2019 student paper competition will also be recognized, and a student award will be presented.

Mentor Match

This program is designed to help Students and Young Professionals expand their professional networks while at the conference, gain personalized career insights, and receive guidance from senior professionals in Fusion Engineering.

Attendees can sign up to be either a mentor or mentee for the conference. Mentor Matches will be paired by technical interests and the matches will be communicated to attendees by IEEE staff before the conference start.

Mentors and mentees will then be encouraged to connect, i.e. by email or call, prior to the conference, in order to establish plans to meet-up and connect at SOFE 2019 . Meet-up plans are up to the pairs' discretion.

For a glimpse into the last SOFE conference click this SOFE 2017 link.

Photos from SOFE2017 events

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