SOFE-2019 Special Issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science

All authors of SOFE-2019 presentations, whether oral or poster, have the opportunity to publish their work in a special issue of IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (TPS), a peer-reviewed journal. Submissions for the Special Issue should be limited to 6 published pages for contributed papers and 8 published pages for plenary and invited papers.

Submission deadline is 19 July 2019 at 23:59 EDT.

Authors considering submission of their work should review the information about scope, content, and suitability for publication that is available at the journal’s web site:

In addition the SOFE-2019 organizing committee has adopted the following policies:

  • The work must have been presented at the conference by either the first author or a knowledgeable co-author in order to be eligible for publication in the special issue.
  • The editor can require submissions exceeding the page limits to be shortened before they will be considered for review.
  • Manuscripts will not be accepted for the special issue after the submission deadline.

Brief Submission Instructions

For detailed instructions, see the TPS web site at the above link.

  1. Manuscript preparation: Follow these links for Instructions, MS Word template, and other templates. Create a PDF of your manuscript prior to submission.
  2. Submit the PDF of your manuscript at the TPS ScholarOne submission portal,

    If you do not have a ScholarOne account, you will first have to create one. Follow the “Create an Account” link on the login page to do so.

    In addition, the submitting author will need an ORCID ID; if you do not have an ORCID ID, you can register for one at

  3. After logging in to ScholarOne, select the Author tab, then follow the “Start New Submission” link to submit your manuscript. In Step 1, choose “SOFE-2019 Special Issue” from the “Type” menu (scroll to the bottom of the list). Continue through all 7 screens to complete the submission.

Review Process

The review process will be managed by the SOFE-2019 Special Issue editorial team, listed below. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed anonymously by two peer reviewers and must meet the journal’s normal standards for acceptance.

  • Hutch Neilson, PPPL, Senior Editor
  • Stephan Bosch, IPP-Greifswald
  • Shishir Deshpande, ITER-India
  • Satoshi Konishi, Kyoto University
  • Ingo Kuehn, ITER Central Team
  • Arnold Lumsdaine, ORNL
  • Martin Nieto-Perez, Instituto Politecnico Nacional
  • Elizabeth Surrey, UKAEA
  • Greg Wallace, MIT
  • Yican Wu, INEST


    Manuscript submission deadline: 19 July 2019
    Completion of first reviews (target): 04 October 2019
    Revised manuscript (if needed) submission deadline: 31 January
    Completion of all reviews and accept/reject decisions: 27 March 2020
    Special Issue publication date (target) May 2020

Meeting this schedule will require the support of both authors and peer reviewers. Conference participants who present papers at the conference, whether oral or poster, are expected to make themselves available to peer review papers that are submitted to the special issue.

Revisions received after the revision deadline cannot be assured of publication in the special issue, but will be considered for publication in a regular issue of TPS.